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Course – Navigation – Navigation ShortcutsPDFDownload327.72 Kb0
Course – Packages and Utilities – Archive vs ExportPDFDownload175.16 Kb0
Course – Viewing Content – Edit ModePDFDownload487.99 Kb0
Course – Viewing Content – Student Preview and PreviewUser AccountPDFDownload570.76 Kb0
Course Content – Access – Adaptive ReleasePDFDownload280.91 Kb0
Course Content – Assignments – CreatingPDFDownload379.51 Kb0
Course Content – Assignments – Object Settings and Gradebook ActionsPDFDownload468.65 Kb0
Course Content – Content Editor – Embedding a YouTube VideoPDFDownload430.34 Kb0
Course Content – Disable – Content Not Being UsedPDFDownload378.32 Kb0
Course Content – Rubrics – Copying Rubrics between CoursesPDFDownload262.80 Kb0
Course Content – Rubrics – CreatingPDFDownload234.27 Kb0
Course Content – Test – Prevent Printing, Copying, and Right ClickPDFDownload117.02 Kb0
Course Content – Tests – Adding an Extra Credit Question to a TestPDFDownload453.09 Kb0
Course Content – Tests – Test Question TypesPDFDownload372.49 Kb0
Course Content – Types – Introduction to Basic Content TypesPDFDownload517.83 Kb0
Course Settings – Student Email – Configuring OptionsPDFDownload302.59 Kb0
Course Tools – Accessibility – Blackboard Ally IntroductionPDFDownload146.07 Kb0
Course Tools – Batch Gradebook Tool – Batch Creating and DeletingPDFDownload237.19 Kb0
Course Tools – Date Management – Content Settings for Easy UsePDFDownload356.21 Kb0
Course Tools – Discussion Forums – Forum SettingsPDFDownload251.18 Kb0
Course Tools – Goals – Align to ContentPDFDownload425.05 Kb0
Course Tools – Groups – Creating and UsingPDFDownload420.86 Kb0
Evaluation – Retention Center – Tracking Student InteractionPDFDownload624.03 Kb0
Grade Center – Category Average – CreatingPDFDownload377.34 Kb0
Grade Center – Configuration – Checking Calculations Percentage Based GradePDFDownload332.55 Kb0
Grade Center – Configuration – Checking Total PointsPDFDownload136.89 Kb0
Grade Center – Configuration – Checking Weighted TotalPDFDownload136.91 Kb0
Grade Center – Configuration – End of Term ChecklistPDFDownload364.50 Kb0
Grade Center – Configuration – Six Steps to Setting up the Grade CenterPDFDownload421.34 Kb0
Grade Center – Download – Grade Center and Grade HistoryPDFDownload376.17 Kb0
Grade Center – Extra Credit – Points GradebookPDFDownload497.04 Kb0
Grade Center – Extra Credit – Weighted Total GradebookPDFDownload767.81 Kb0
Grade Center – Grades – Dropping GradesPDFDownload365.31 Kb0
Grade Center – Grades – Hiding Grades from StudentsPDFDownload532.20 Kb0
Grade Center – Printing – Student Grade ReportsPDFDownload392.57 Kb0
Grade Center – Settings – Guidelines for Grade Center TitlesPDFDownload487.91 Kb0
Grade Center – Smart View – CreatingPDFDownload412.97 Kb0
Landing Page Modules – Course Module – Adding Link to Other SitesPDFDownload319.71 Kb0
Landing Page Modules – Course Module – Hide Previous Term CoursesPDFDownload295.68 Kb0
Landing Page Modules – Settings – Course and Organization ModulePDFDownload324.13 Kb0